Tuesday, 19 May 2015

it's all gone a bit Jane Austen in here today

May I present...the fan bag.

For when you're feeling a little bit fluttery but aren't quite in the mood for empire line dresses and whispering in corners.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Chulmleigh is a stylist's dream!

Our workshop is in a tiny town perched on the top of a windy hill miles (and miles) from anywhere remotely urban or cool.  However, I have to say, it has the best  selection of random backdrops.  Without wishing to give away all our secrets - we totally love this one in the local park 30 seconds from our door.  Please don't let anyone decide that it needs a lick of paint!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

we LOVE Bristol!

There were (clean) cars, people and pavements...and more people and noise...and no muddy tractors anywhere...sigh...it was great to be in Bristol yesteday!

The Redland May Fair was heaving - lots of folk enjoying the huge mix of lovely craft stalls, fabulous food and brilliant entertainment - a truly fantastic community event.  We saw lots of Susan's old friends from her lawyer days and met some lovely new people too - and it didn't rain (hurray!)  Plus our stall was right next to Jen's which made it even more fun.  What a wonderful day.

Nice to come back home though - somehow the hedges looked even greener as we drove down the lanes at dusk, and as a silent barn owl swooped over the car - almost in welcome it seemed - Devon enveloped us once more.