Tuesday, 24 May 2016

BBC1's Escape to the Country comes to Chulmleigh

The sky is a clear Prussian blue and the greens in the hedges and trees are so bright that if you painted them you'd never believe the colours were true.  Birdsong is the soundtrack of the day and a cheeky spring breeze is tickling the leaves into a merry merengue.  It's one of those May days in Devon where the whole landscape comes alive and there's a depth to the beauty that takes your breath away.

the team arrives
If we didn't already live here we'd probably want to escape to the country.  Which is exactly what the lovely couple Sally and Colin who came to visit us today are planning to do (now they've finished making their purses).

The day started with a walk down to the river followed by a chat on the bridge.  

Hilary being wired up
The scenery really sold itself - the dappled water meandering through the theatre of the steep valley.  

After a brisk climb back up to Chulmleigh followed by tea and biscuits it was time for the practical as Hilary showed Sally and 
Colin how to make a beautiful purse each. 

Everyone had a lot of fun - and it turned out that Sally and Colin were absolute whizzes on Hilary's massive industrial machine.

All too soon the crew were packed up and ready to take the couple to see the three houses; one of which may become their new home in the not too distant future, fingers crossed.  

And we were left with a very tidy shop, homemade biscuits and some great memories.  

busy glueing

Life's always fun and a bit unexpected in this little corner of North Devon!

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Rosamund's transatlantic adventure begins

Some might say if you're going to live in Devon, surely you'd choose to live in a bit near an edge - a watery edge; one with sand, seagulls, cliffs, waves etc.  It's a fair point, and one Susan's husband heard quite a lot shortly after he persuaded her to live on a farm as far away from the sea as it's possible to get in Devon six years ago.

But North Devon is one of those places full of hidden treasures both on the coast and inland, and the gorgeous rolling hills, meandering rivers, otters, kingfishers and acres of bridlepaths and woodland to explore right on your doorstep have a funny way of taking your mind off the lack of a sea view.

And then for those moments when you do miss the sea a bit you can either jump in the car to the coast (we know, we are very lucky), or, FAR more excitingly, talk to Rosamund about her trip next year SAILING ACROSS THE ATLANTIC!

Not only is Rosamund an unbelievable professional musician, Hilary's right-hand sewing elf and general good egg she is also a pretty nifty sailor and is involved with the Rona Sailing Project charity.  

This fantastic organisation teaches young people responsibility, resourcefulness and teamwork through the medium of sail-training and has changed the direction of many disadvantaged young people's lives for the better.  So next year Rosamund will be training young people and then crewing the Rona II as it takes part in the Transatlantic Tall Ships Race 2017.  Amazing.

Rosamund has kickstarted her fundraising by making 200 gorgeous leather sailing boat keyrings.

They're selling like hotcakes at £5 each, so if you'd like one before they all sail away, please visit her facebook page and say hello.  Or you can pop in and see us in our Chulmleigh workshop.

(Now, just where did we put our copy of the Howard's Way soundtrack...)

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

soggy Brizzle

Well, the May Fair at Redland Green in Bristol was a teensy bit wet (ok, there was a deluge and the earthworms started panicking) but that really didn't matter as everyone soldiered on and had a great time as always.

Not ones for letting a bit of rain dampen their spirits, Hilary and Rosamund spent the day chatting with old friends (including Susan's sister Jenny who had her stall next door) as well as meeting some lovely new people who will be coming to visit us in Chulmleigh for a workshop.

All in all it was a wonderful day - and one where rain definitely didn't stop play.