Tuesday, 11 October 2016

it's bespoke week

The workshop's been busy with some exciting bespoke orders this week.  First there was the laptop bag with reinforced strap details that will be winging its way to an office in Bristol shortly (as modelled by the slightly bemused Josh who was working nearby until we accosted him with our camera).

Josh and his man-bag
And then there was the chef's knife-roll for Max.  We love this piece - elasticated sections for each knife in his collection with protective suede covers all rolled up in a gorgeous thick chestnut hide with brass buckles.  Yum! (and thanks go to chef Keith and his team at the Red Lion for allowing us to invade their kitchen just as they were prepping for the lunchtime service.  These arty types don't half pick their moments).

Yes chef!

And then right in the middle of all of this we turned on the TV to catch the news only to see Susan and Helen in a repeat of their Bargain Hunt performance.  

Mortifying. But very, very funny (for everyone else at least)!
aaaahhha ha ha ha!