Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Bristol's Redland May Fair here we come!

We had such a brilliant time last year we are going again this year - we're looking forward to catching up with our Bristol friends from 1pm - 5pm at Redland Green on Monday 2nd May.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

seasonal positivity!

It's been a busy few weeks on top of our windy hill in North Devon.  Easter came and went in a flurry of angry clouds and hail but luckily the Easter Bunny wasn't put off and left a lovely stash of chocolate eggs (although if we're being honest, the sight of anything even slightly ovoid in shape makes us feel a bit sick now). Hilary's been finishing off some bespoke projects - including this magic carpet mini-traveller which will shortly be off on its travels to its new home. And lambing is still in full swing amongst the daffodils so Susan's utility room remains full of bags of colostrum powder and recycled baby bottles.  Added to that we've been camping with friends, fossil hunting in Charmouth and practised our quicksteps at a wartime tea-dance plus there have been lots of lovely horse walks in the spring lanes (despite the usual weather).  We love springtime in Devon!