Tuesday, 6 September 2016

it's been a while!

Yes, we know it's a cliché, but where has the summer gone?  It only seems like yesterday that we were filming Escape to the Country (to be broadcast soon - we'll keep you posted) but that was in May and a whole season has been and gone since then (not for nothing is our blog's sub-title 'our seasonal country life'). 

the best honey in the world - ever!
harvest part one
us with hangovers
the view from the start line at the Carfest Time Tunnel - screeeeam!
In the style of the Horrible Histories Kings & Queens song (but without the outfits and dancing unfortunately) we've had (deep breath): Exeter Craft Fair, harvest, a pop-up-pub, bees, camping 1, hangovers, Chulmleigh Old Fair (five days of fun which have happened every single year since 1253), more harvest, Chagford Show, (yep, you've guessed it) harvest again, camping 2, sunburn...pause for recovery...North Devon Show, camping 3, Carfest (yes, yes, nothing at all to do with our life here - or handbags - but it was amazing and Rick Astley's new album is spectacular and we got to ride in the Time Tunnel and everything) plus horse-rides, surfing, hedgerows, sunsets, proseccio (as my dad calls it), swallows and housemartins, barbecues, stars, stubble fields at dusk, owls, fallow deer at sunrise, warm summer rain, cars full of sand, ice creams, tired kids staying up late, a firepit and a chilled out play-list...our perfect North Devon summer.