Friday, 12 May 2017

mystery objects competition

These came into the workshop to be mended earlier this week.  From time-to-time they play a very important and very public part in life down here in our wonderful rural community in Chulmleigh.

For those of you who have never seen these items before there's a lovely handmade keyring on offer for the first person to guess what they are via our facebook page.
And if you already know what they're used for - without giving the game away as to what they are, tell us how many should be in the box and you could win a keyring too.

Happy guessing everyone!

Friday, 5 May 2017

hilary's small screen debut

welcome to hilary johnson handmade
It's been nearly a year since the Escape to the Country crew came to our bit of North Devon.  It was a beautiful, clear sunny day - fresh and glittering after the night's showers - and contestants Sally and Colin saw the countryside cloaked in the verdant finery of spring; it really couldn't have been more chocolate box if it tried.

(Unlike today - the 5 million shades of green are still out there, but the edge has rather been taken off them by the prowling dark rainclouds hovering menacingly above Chulmleigh; someone needs to tell the weather that greys and navy blues are so last year - it's all about the greens now).

technical stuff
a quick rehearsal

We'd been checking the schedules for a broadcast date and with 70 episodes per series that's a lot of house-hunting to get through.  But at long last we were on - so on Wednesday 5th April at 3 o'clock we downed tools to watch Hilary's 15 minutes of fame (with unexpected butterflies - it's very weird seeing yourself on tv and you never quite know how you'll look and sound.  Quite posh as it turns out!)

capturing the day on camera
very, very tidy workshop...just don't look behind that curtain!

window shots
Sally & Colin with their creations
...and it's a wrap!