Friday, 9 November 2018

Up, up and away

It's been a busy few weeks... 

Hilary's had a wonderful time hosting workshops for lots of fantastically creative folk. 

The Betty girls made a gorgeous set of brightly coloured bags during a very enjoyable mother and daughters' afternoon. 

Thomas and Gaia celebrated their third wedding anniversary which is traditionally marked with the gift of leather by designing and making a fabulous bag and tool roll. 

Joyce and her niece May came in and did some amazing applique work on their new bags and Joy and Gloria popped in for an afternoon of creative bag making too!

In between all of this Hilary found time to make some more beautiful bags herself, including this gorgeous stormy grey workbag.

Meanwhile... Susan was chasing round the country learning life lessons on the way (don't drive 7 hours to a holiday cottage in North Wales to meet your sister who lives in Bristol during the first weekend of half term without first having established that the half terms in Devon and Bristol are the same week. It turns out they're not, and yes, she she did actually crash someone else's holiday!)

It was worth it though as having driven all the way back the next day she ended up flying over Bristol with the amazing Clive from Elite Air.  The city is spectacular from a balloon on a crisp autumn afternoon.

And finally, as the country prepares to stand together to mark the centenary of Armistice Day the Chulmleigh Cubs spent an evening making poppies out of recycled plastic bottles to add to the magnificent display of poppies made by members of the community in the porch of the Church.  

Many of the names engraved on our war memorial may be of people who are now beyond living memory, but like countless others across the country they will always be remembered with gratitude by every generation.