Friday, 24 February 2017

the circle of life

series 3 must be on soon, surely!
It's at this time of year that we most notice just how cyclical our life is here among the rolling hills of North Devon.  Whilst some people measure the passing of time using the gaps between series of Poldark, we are utterly beholden to the quarterly changes in the seasons.  

As we type, the fields are humming with new life - ewes and their tiny, wobbly lambs pepper the landscape like grounded clouds as sheep flocks double in the space of a few weeks, whilst underground the moles are busy tunnelling new kingdoms; their soil volcanoes popping up between the mothers and babies with surprising speed.

The evenings are noticeably drawing out too and there's a distinct shortening of the shadows as the sun stays higher for longer.  And, most importantly of all, the people are changing - we're all smiling more and there's an energy everywhere that is almost tangible; yes, some still look exhausted - it's a busy time in an agricultural community and long nights spent in the lambing sheds are the norm for many round here, but something's changed - the coming of spring and the new life it brings also brings hope and anticipation of the end to the harsh, cold, debilitating winter. 

And whilst we've been tucked up snugly in the workshop (relatively speaking - we do actually have at least 2 layers of down-filled clothing on each) we've been carrying out our spring resolutions.  Hilary redecorated the shop and has upcycled some lovely boudoir furniture adding a luxurious touch to our displays.  (We're also very lucky to have been lent a couple of fabulous paintings by the award-winning Tony Williams which look great against the freshly painted walls).   

Meanwhile, Susan spotted a couple of beautiful mannequins going for a song in a shop in Falmouth that was being refurbished and managed to get them and the kids back to the car Chuckle Brothers-style (to me to you) without knocking over too many fellow pedestrians. 

All of this has energised us into a frenzy of creative activity - the sewing machines are working non-stop as Hilary magics up new bags and replenishes the shop with bright spring colours. 

And as for a new series of Poldark...fingers crossed!