Tuesday, 11 August 2015

We love cricket

Josie and Susan on the Wildling stall at Somersault
Well, in true British styley we got EXTREMELY wet at Somersault the other week, but also in true British styley we put on our wellies and jolly well got on with it.  A lot of fun was had by all and we came home soggy, but glittering thanks to the gorgeous gold tattoos applied by the gorgeous Josie of Wildling.

The only rumbling we can hear now though isn't thunder but Hilary's sewing machine (along with the constant background noise of combines, forage harvesters and tractors) as we build up stock for our stall at Chagford Show on 20th.

And talking of shows, we had a cracking time at the North Devon Show last week.  We know agricultural shows seem to feature quite regularly in our blog, but Susan is married to a farmer and despite her high-heel rebellious tendencies (comfy practical footwear isn't always mandatory in the countryside) we do end up going to quite a lot of them.

nicely cut jacket
This year's show saw Adam Henson from BBC1's Countryfile judging some of the livestock classes (although knowing more about tailoring than the competitive merits of different breeds of cattle it was the rather well-cut jacket he was wearing that caught our eye rather than his skills as a livestock judge).

And cricket? As we write this the England team is wowing us with an exceptional display of bowling against Australia in the Ashes.

Wet weather stoicism, dodging sheep poo at agricultural shows and the unmistakable voice of Henry Blofeld.  British summer at its best.