Friday, 15 September 2017

what a summer that was!

It's back to school time, but if we're being completely honest we're still feeling a bit jaded after all the fun we had over the summer (the last hurrah Aperol spritzes didn't help matters either).  

a crab called Jeff caught at Morfa Nefyn
he's called Jeff apparently
In between making bags there were country shows to do, surfing to try, Coldplay to see, crabs to catch, vegetables to tend, horses to ride, racing cars to scream in, festival stages to run across, friends to clink glasses with, nights to spend under canvas listening to the rain...and obviously there were the usual harvest dramas and escapee sheep to contend with too. It was absolutely great.

definitely a night full of stars

scything...don't say the P word
in the woods with friends on their horses

tiny figure on stage waving like an out of control windmill? Yep, that's Susan

a very, very, very long way down
And to top it all off (literally) the Chulmleigh scouts decided to do this to finish the summer in style.  It was "really, really fun...when can I do it again?" (Sam, aged 9).  In relation to the summer as a whole, we tend to agree. 

Not sure about the abseiling though.😉