Friday, 23 March 2018

Plymouth College of Art takes on a challenge

The cut throat world of advertising may not feature regularly in our sleepy little backwater (although there are a surprising number of leading creatives at the tops of their games who've nailed the work-life balance by leaving their 24 hour city lives to set up their own international practices round here - in fact it's turning into a bit of a mecca when we think about it.  Must be the lure of the weekend surf lifestyle.  Not really surprising when you realise how accessible the world is from anywhere these days - providing there isn't a flock of escapee sheep in the way, obviously).

Anyway.  We had another opportunity to work with students from the PCA recently which is always fun as you never quite know what they're going to come up with.  

This time they were working on images to be used in advertising campaigns.  They had to acquire props, build sets and then run the photoshoot. 
We sent them a selection of random items from the shop and here are a few examples of the photographs they produced.  We particularly like the hand breaking through the screen - a really powerful, edgy image and not one we would have come up with ordinarily.

Thanks guys!