Thursday, 24 May 2018

carpet bags, coffee mornings, clocks and carpentry!

We love a bit of alliteration.

Well it's been a busy month in the world of leathersmithing.  First, Hilary put the finishing touches to a new selection of magic carpet bucket bags featuring two very different kinds of rug.  A gorgeously tactile weave - so soft you could fall asleep on it and fabulous kilims in muted hues of raspberry and caramel.  That particular new year's resolution is still going strong.  

Then Hilary had a stall at the Witheridge Tennis Club coffee morning - lots of chatting and cake and only up the road which was lovely.

As for the clocks - check this out! A clock made into a bag for one of the Exeter red coat city guides (as modelled by Louisa who just happened to pop into the shop after school - thanks Louisa!)

And finally the carpentry - Nish has been busy shoring up the window at the front of the shop in preparation for major renovation work on the frame.  It's going to look fantastic!